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Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
energy aid at the time the truck was stolen the source was shielded. but it could be dangerous if removed from the shielding or if damaged. >> that is certainly a worry for residents. >> we're going have to to demand our authorities find as soon as possible and i'm worried family. >> it can effect pregnant informants women, teenagers and elderly. it's serious. >> police remain on ahrart for the proceeds what they think is routine robbery which seems and to have unintended dangerous consequences. spoke a re on this, i to someone. o >> this reads like a bad thriller what went on in mexico. it appears as you said in your introduction that a used ctive source that is in cancer treatment was in a van van-jacked.n was and the source was taken. he big question at this stage is did the thieves who took it have any idea what they were taking. the mexican authorities say that they didn't, that there was no to ence they were leaked terrorism. if the mexican authorities was deliberate at was a terror wrist strike then there much more reason to be worried. >> what can be done with cobalt 60 a
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
hands now i thank you. [applause] that was a sense of the determination and the strength and the energy of a campaign that spanned six decades. really underlining what a remarkable life he led. close we're used to the story. it is at a time like this where you cannot reflect on what he achieved and to recognize those milestones in his life. three decades in prison and how that transformed him, not just as a man but as a leader. obviously, he was south africa's first black president and the way in which he led the country, that five years in which he led the country. it was a different south africa. , someonesouth africa is talking about peace. he is inviting investors to come to south africa because south africa is rich in minerals. people wanted to internationalize those that has they belong to them. it was a different story. now, south africans are looking and that country as if mandela wouldt preach that, it have been a different south africa that we are seeing now. >> i think that is what people are reflecting. david cameron, the prime .inister >> tonight, one of the brightest light
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2